Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Middle School - Worksheet #3


Proverbs are short statements of wisdom or advice. Let us learn some Proverbs
Proverb Meaning
He who plays with fire gets burnt If you behave in a risky way, you are likely to have problems
Hatred is as blind as love A person who feels hatred does not see any qualities in the person he/she hates
Loaded wagon makes no noise Really wealthy people do not talk about money
Be swift to hear, slow to speak Listen carefully before speaking
Spare the rod and spoil the child If you don't punish a child when he does wrong, you will spoil his character
Speech is silver, silence is golden Speaking is good, but discretion can be better
A flower blooms more than once If you miss an occasion, you can avail yourself of it another time
Silence gives consent If you don't object something, it is assumed that you agree with it
Manners make the man Possibly: a person's manners show their origins
Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow It is preferable to have something sure now than the possibility of something better later


Study, study - all study related..
Word Meaning
exobiology study of extraterrestrial life
anaesthesiology study of anaesthetics
nosology study of diseases
eccrinology study of excretion
statics study of bodies and forces in equilibrium
loimology study of plagues and epidemics
zymology science of fermentation


Today's Word Challenges


Match Synonyms Match Antonyms
1 accumulate A ranking 1: 1 superior A inferior 1:
2 inventory B armory 2: 2 B 2:
3 tropical C tropic 3: 3 C 3:
4 dumbfound D compile 4: 4 D 4:
5 territory E perplex 5: 5 E 5:
6 neglect F drop 6: 6 F 6:
7 superior G district 7: 7 G 7:
8 scorn H disdain 8: 8 H 8:


Match Definitions
1 the geographical area under the jurisdiction of a sovereign state A surveillance 1:
2 be a mystery or bewildering to B tropical 2:
3 reject with contempt C inventory 3:
4 get or gather together D superior 4:
5 (sometimes followed by `to') not subject to or influenced by E neglect 5:
6 close observation of a person or group (usually by the police) F territory 6:
7 of or relating to the tropics, or either tropic G accumulate 7:
8 fail to do something; leave something undone H dumbfound 8:
9 a detailed list of all the items in stock I scorn 9:


Recent Words Learned: surveillance, inventory, superior, neglect, accumulate, scorn, territory, dumbfound, tropical
Answer to Crossword in worksheet 2: Across: 3: superior, 4: scorn Down: 1: neglect, 2: tropical


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