Friday, January 1, 2021

SAT & GRE - Worksheet #3


Idioms are words, phrases or expressions which are commonly used in everyday conversation. Let us learn some idioms
Idiom Meaning
not for all the tea in China To say that you would not do something for all the tea in China means that you would not do it under any conditions. "I wouldn't live there for all the tea in China"
in the first place Something that is done in the first place is done at the beginning, before anything else. "Why didn't you tell me he was your boyfriend in the first place"
with flying colors To achieve something with flying colors means to do it very successfully. "My daughter passed the entrance exam with flying colors. I'm so proud of her"
look down one's nose If someone looks down their nose at a person or thing, they consider that person or thing as inferior. "Intellectuals often look down their noses at amusement parks and such"
never looked back If you say that you never looked back, you mean that after an event which changed your life for the better, you continue to be happy with the situation. "Since the day she decided to work from home, she has never looked back"
in a stew When someone is in a stew about something, they are worried and agitated. "When she was organizing the wedding reception, Laura got into a stew over the seating arrangements"
take for a ride To take someone for a ride means to cheat or deceive them. "I discovered he had charged me double the normal fee. He really took me for a ride!"
beside the point If something is beside the point, it does not relate to the topic or is irrelevant. "We need to know if he's qualified for the job. The fact that he plays golf is beside the point!"
spit in someone's eye If you spit in someone's eye, you treat that person with disrespect or contempt. "Your father raised you as best he could. Don't start spitting in his eye"
talk shop If you talk shop, you talk about your work or business in a social situation with someone you work with, and make the conversation boring for the others present. "I never go out with my colleagues because we inevitably end up talking shop"


I am scared ...
Phobia Meaning
Ranidaphobia fear/dislike of frogs
Coulrophobia fear of clowns (not restricted to evil clowns)
Mottephobia fear/dislike of butterflies and/or moths
Obesophobia fear of obesity
Ophthalmophobia fear of being stared at
Tetraphobia fear of the number 4
Pyrophobia fear of fire


Today's Word Challenges


Match Synonyms Match Antonyms
1 acrid A asinine 1: 1 inane A malign 1:
2 penitent B categoric 2: 2 acrid B thoughtful 2:
3 beget C repentant 3: 3 benign C tasty 3:
4 utilitarian D engender 4: 4 D 4:
5 categorical E separate 5: 5 E 5:
6 benign F pungent 6: 6 F 6:
7 discriminate G amiable 7: 7 G 7:
8 inane H useful 8: 8 H 8:
9 degenerate I debauched 9: 9 I 9:


Match Definitions
1 make children A verisimilitude 1:
2 treat differently on the basis of sex or race B discriminate 2:
3 worthy of often limited commendation C penitent 3:
4 devoid of intelligence D utilitarian 4:
5 having utility often to the exclusion of values E categorical 5:
6 feeling or expressing remorse for misdeeds F beget 6:
7 pleasant and beneficial in nature or influence G benign 7:
8 unrestrained by convention or morality H creditable 8:
9 harsh or corrosive in tone I acrid 9:
10 the appearance of truth; the quality of seeming to be true J degenerate 10:
11 relating to or included in a category or categories K inane 11:


Recent Words Learned: benign, categorical, acrid, verisimilitude, penitent, beget, inane, utilitarian, creditable, discriminate, degenerate
Answer to Crossword in worksheet 2: Across: 4: benign, 5: inane Down: 1: beget, 2: acrid, 3: penitent


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