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Middle School Vocabulary - Worksheet #17


Idioms are words, phrases or expressions which are commonly used in everyday conversation.
Idiom Meaning
out of the question Something which is out of the question is impossible and is therefore not worth discussing. "Buying a new car is out of the question - we simply can't afford it"
fall over backwards If you fall over backwards to accomplish something, you do everything you possibly can to please and impress. "Sally's mother fell over backwards to make her wedding reception a memorable event"
in vino veritas This expression, which in Latin means 'in wine there is truth', is a way of saying that wine makes people less inhibited and leads them to speak more freely and reveal their true feelings. "After a few drinks he told us the whole story - in vino veritas!"
cut the ground from under someone's feet When someone cuts the ground from under another's feet, they do something which weakens their position or spoils their plans. "When we launched the new product, we cut the ground from under our competitors' feet"
tower of strength The term tower of strength is used to describe a person who is very helpful and supportive during difficult times. "All during my illness, my sister was a tower of strength"
fine tuning Small changes to something to improve it or make it work better are called fine tuning. "We are still fine-tuning our new website and appreciate your patience"
go downhill When something goes downhill, it deteriorates or gets worse little by little. "His health has been going downhill since the last operation"
on one's last legs If you are on your last legs, you are in a very weak condition or about to die. "I was so sick that I felt as though I was on my last legs!"
sit up and take notice A person who sits up and takes notice becomes alert and attentive. "The announcement of the winner made everyone sit up and take notice"


Some funny, some weird..
Word Meaning
Rambunctious Uncontrollably excitable or exuberant
Snool A servile person
Discombobulate To confuse someone
Ecdysiast An exotic dancer, a stripper
Logorrhea Loquaciousness, talkativeness
Firkin A quarter barrel or small cask
Malarkey Nonsense, balderdash


Today's Vocabulary Challenges

*** Answers will be in the next worksheet of this level ***


Match Synonyms

Match Antonyms

1 batter A clobber 1: 1 distraught A acquit 1:
2 assimilate B compendious 2: 2 concern B fertile 2:
3 succinct C twilit 3: 3 agitate C inferior 3:
4 despicable D excuse 4: 4 dissent D antonymous 4:
5 dusky E fearsome 5: 5 convict E aloof 5:
6 dreadful F rescript 6: 6 arid F assent 6:
7 alibi G ugly 7: 7 negligent G calm 7:
8 dismal H imbibe 8: 8 superior H calm 8:
9 edict I depressing 9: 9 synonymous I diligent 9:


Match Definitions

1 impinge or infringe upon A summit 1:
2 having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude B dreadful 2:
3 the top point of a mountain or hill C assimilate 3:
4 the decisive moment in a novel or play D climax 4:
5 causing fear or dread or terror E casualty 5:
6 excite suddenly and intensely F decree 6:
7 an accident that causes someone to die G electrify 7:
8 become similar to one's environment H proficient 8:
9 decide with authority I encroach 9:


Crossword Challenge
1 2 Across:
1: lacking a visible order or organization(7)
3: lacking vitality or spirit; lifeless(4)
5: a wide scope(7)
8: be on the mind of(7)
9: lighted by or as if by twilight(5)

1: someone injured or killed in an accident(8)
2: a meeting of people for consultation(7)
4: follow stealthily or recur constantly and spontaneously to(5)
6: behave unnaturally or affectedly(7)
7: a formal or authoritative proclamation(5)
5 6


Recent Words Learned: encroach, succinct, dismal, chaotic, decree, concern, arid, haunt, alibi, casualty, batter, crutch, summit, accommodate, electrify, millennium, dreadful, edict, banter, dissent
Answer to Crossword in worksheet 16: Across: 3: encroach, 7: dismal, 8: dusky, 9: alibi, 10: chaotic Down: 1: pretend, 2: convict, 4: arid, 5: casualty, 6: breach


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