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SAT, ACT, GRE Vocabulary - Worksheet #17


A root word is a word or word part from which other words grow, usually through the addition of prefixes and suffixes.
Root Word Meaning
geo Root word "geo" comes from Greek, meaning "earth, soil, global". Examples: geography - study of the earth's surface; geology - study of the structure of the earth; geoponics - soil based agriculture.
tri Root word "tri" comes from Latin, meaning "three, once in every three, third". Examples: triangle - a figure with 3 sides and 3 angles; triathlon - an athletic contest with 3 events; tricycle - a 3-wheeI vehicle with pedals.
scrib Root word "scrib" comes from Latin, meaning "write, written". Examples: inscribe - to write letters or words on a surface; scribe - a person who writes out documents; describe - to represent with words or pictures.
phil/o Root word "phil/o" comes from Greek, meaning "love, friend". Examples: philanthropist - one who loves humanity; philology - the love of words; philosophy - the love of wisdom; bibliophile - loving books.?
auto Root word "auto" comes from Greek, meaning "self, same one". Examples: autocrat - a person who governs with absolute power; autograph - a person's own signature; automatic - moving by itself
pent/a Root word "pent/a" comes from Greek, meaning five. Examples: "pentagon - shape having 5 angles and 5 sides, pentagram - a five-pointed star formerly used as a symbolic figure in magic; pentathlon - an athletic contest that includes five events."
zo/o Root word "zo/o" comes from Greek, meaning animal life. Examples: zoology - study of animals; zooid - resembling an animal; zooplankton - minute floating aquatic animals.
verb Root word "verb" comes from Latin, meaning word. Examples: verbalize - to put into words; adverb - a word relating to a verb; proverb - a short saying that expresses a well-known truth.


I am scared ...
Phobia Meaning
Tetraphobia fear of the number 4
Ornithophobia fear/dislike of birds
Osmophobia, Olfactophobia fear of bad odours
Equinophobia fear/dislike of horses (also known as Hippophobia)
Ailurophobia fear of cats
Thermophobia fear of heat
Ichthyophobia fear/dislike of fish


Today's Vocabulary Challenges

*** Answers will be in the next worksheet of this level ***


Match Synonyms

Match Antonyms

1 profess A palliate 1: 1 gratuitous A stingy 1:
2 delude B award 2: 2 benevolent B little 2:
3 clique C lost 3: 3 increment C calm 3:
4 benefactor D erase 4: 4 bemused D outsider 4:
5 mitigate E confess 5: 5 flora E fauna 5:
6 accolade F stiff 6: 6 benign F cold 6:
7 steadfast G deceive 7: 7 affable G malign 7:
8 bemused H helper 8: 8 clique H needed 8:
9 efface I coterie 9: 9 copious I decrement 9:


Match Definitions

1 firm and dependable especially in loyalty A permeate 1:
2 place restrictions on B equine 2:
3 a behavioral attribute that is distinctive and peculiar to an individual C hypothetical 3:
4 spread or diffuse through D steadfast 4:
5 someone who has committed (or been legally convicted of) a crime E mitigate 5:
6 longing for something past F idiosyncrasy 6:
7 lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of G malefactor 7:
8 resembling a horse H nostalgia 8:
9 based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence I curtail 9:


Crossword Challenge
1 2 Across:
3: the state of being disregarded or forgotten(8)
4: all the plant life in a particular region or period(5)
6: a deep opening in the earth's surface(5)
7: censure severely or angrily(6)
8: be false to; be dishonest with(6)

1: an autocracy governed by a monarch who usually inherits the authority(8)
2: make less severe or harsh(8)
4: capable of producing offspring or vegetation(6)
5: brief and to the point; effectively cut short(5)


Recent Words Learned: benevolent, permeate, fecund, curtail, equine, unremitting, indignant, apotheosis, steadfast, efface, rebuke, mitigate, equivocate, gratuitous, juxtapose, sacrilege, clique, extrapolate, transitory, criterion

Answer to Synonyms Matching in worksheet 16: 1:A 2:B 3:C 4:E 5:D
Answer to Antonyms Matching in worksheet 16: 1:B 2:D 3:C 4:E 5:A
Answer to Definitions Matching in worksheet 16: 1:E 2:A 3:D 4:B 5:C
Answer to Crossword in worksheet 16: Across: 1: blight, 4: flora, 6: oblivion, 7: exacting, 9: efface Down: 2: illicit, 3: frenetic, 5: monarchy, 8: terse


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