Thursday, June 10, 2021

Elementary Vocabulary - Worksheet #10


A root word is a word or word part from which other words grow, usually through the addition of prefixes and suffixes.
Root Word Meaning
peri Root word "peri" comes from Greek, meaning "around, enclosing". Examples: periodontal - pertaining to bone and tissue around a tooth; peripheral - lying outside of the center; perimeter - the outer boundary of an area.
sol Root word "sol" comes from Latin, meaning sun. Examples: solar - involving the sun; parasol - umbrella protecting from the sun; solarium - a room where one is exposed to sun light.
macro Root word "macro" comes from Greek, meaning "large, great". Examples: macroevolution - large scale evolution; macromolecule - a large molecule; macroeconomics - study of the overall forces of economy.
pseud/o Root word "pseud/o" comes from Greek, meaning "wrong, false". Examples: pseudonym - a fictitious name; pseudoscience - theories presumed without proof of a scientific nature; pseudo pregnancy - a false pregnancy.
hex/a Root word "hex/a" comes from Greek, meaning six. Examples: hexagon - a shape with six angles/sides; hexameter - a verse measured in six; hexapod - having six legs.
trans Root word "trans" comes from Latin, meaning "across, beyond, through". Examples: transcontinental - across the continent; transfer - to move from one place to another; transport - to carry something across a space.
ortho Root word "ortho" comes from Greek, meaning straight. Examples: orthodontist - a dentist that straightens teeth; orthopedic - a doctor concerned with the proper alignment of the bones; orthography - the correct way of writing.
meta Root word "meta" comes from Greek, meaning "change, after, beyond, between". Examples: metaphysics - study of nature and reality; metamorphosis - a complete change of form; metastasis - the transmission of disease to other parts of the body.


I am scared ...
Phobia Meaning
stygiophobia fear of Hell
Phonophobia fear of loud sounds
Spectrophobia fear of ghosts and phantoms
Agrizoophobia fear of wild animals
Agyrophobia The fear of crossing the road
Pediophobia fear of dolls (a branch of automatonophobia: fear of humanoid figures)
Atychiphobia fear of failure


Today's Vocabulary Challenges

*** Answers will be in the next worksheet of this level ***


Match Synonyms

Match Antonyms

1 blunder A stomach 1: 1 advantage A aloof 1:
2 advantage B optical 2: 2 ancient B single 2:
3 opinion C judgment 3: 3 Pack C close 3:
4 visual D reward 4: 4 distant D bold 4:
5 adapt E unworried 5: 5 timid E fact 5:
6 timid F conform 6: 6 rural F drawback 6:
7 carefree G timid 7: 7 wonder G urban 7:
8 cautious H fumble 8: 8 opinion H divest 8:
9 bear I diffident 9: 9 invest I new 9:


Match Definitions

1 a belief or sentiment shared by most people; the voice of the people A adapt 1:
2 avoiding excess B opinion 2:
3 have a wish or desire to know something C cautious 3:
4 enduring strength and energy D ancient 4:
5 put up with something or somebody unpleasant E carefree 5:
6 adapt or conform oneself to new or different conditions F bear 6:
7 very old G sleigh 7:
8 free of trouble and worry and care H wonder 8:
9 ride (on) a sled I stamina 9:


Crossword Challenge
1 2 Across:
1: a convenient package or parcel (as of cigarettes or film)(4)
5: enduring strength and energy(7)
7: lacking conviction or boldness or courage(5)
8: an embarrassing mistake(7)
9: living in or characteristic of farming or country life(5)

2: place in a chamber(7)
3: hold gently and carefully(6)
4: showing careful forethought(8)
6: impressive in appearance(5)
3 4
6 7


Recent Words Learned: adapt, negotiate, Pack, bear, stamina, sleigh, cautious, carefree, advantage, rural, chamber, ancient, timid, blunder, compassion, Noble, pledge, opinion, vacate, wonder

Answer to Synonyms Matching in worksheet 9: 1:D 2:E 3:B 4:A 5:C
Answer to Antonyms Matching in worksheet 9: 1:B 2:D 3:A 4:C 5:E
Answer to Definitions Matching in worksheet 9: 1:C 2:D 3:0 4:A 5:E
Answer to Crossword in worksheet 9: Across: 2: cautious, 6: ancient, 8: bear, 9: cradle Down: 1: distant, 2: carefree, 3: adapt, 4: chamber, 5: Pack, 7: timid


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