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SAT, ACT, GRE Vocabulary - Worksheet #17


Idioms are words, phrases or expressions which are commonly used in everyday conversation.
Idiom Meaning
throw/toss one's hat If you throw or toss your hat in the ring, you announce that you are going to enter a competition or take up a challenge. "He finally threw his hat in the ring and announced that he was going to stand for election"
let your hair down If you suggest that someone should let their hair down, you are telling them to relax and enjoy themselves. "Come on! We're not in the office now. You can let your hair down!"
put words in mouth If you claim that someone has said something, or suggest what they should say, you are putting words in their mouth. "You're putting words in my mouth. I did not say I saw Mr. Brown. I said I saw his car!"
over the moon If you are over the moon about something, you are very happy about it. "When she heard the results of the exam, Caroline was over the moon!"
smack/lick one's lips To say that a person is smacking or licking their lips means that they are showing that they are excited about something and are eager for it to happen. "They were smacking their lips at the idea of the money they were going to make"
half a mind If you have half a mind to do something, you are thinking seriously about it but have not yet reached a decision. "I've half a mind to start up my own business but first I need some advice"
take a nosedive If something takes a nosedive, it drops or decreases in value very rapidly. "The stock market took a nosedive when the property market began to weaken"
pat answer A simplified response that is memorized or prepared in advance is called a pat answer. "Many journalists at the press conference found his pat answers totally frustrating"
all hands on deck When there is a need for all hands on deck, everyone must help, especially when there is a lot of work to be done in a short amount of time. "As the opening day approached, it was all hands on deck to have everything ready in time."


Study, study - all study related..
Word Meaning
vitrics glassy materials; glassware; study of glassware
anthropology study of human cultures
bibliology study of books
radiology study of X-rays and their medical applications
astrophysics study of behaviour of interstellar matter
gastroenterology study of stomach; intestines
semantology science of meanings of words


Today's Vocabulary Challenges

*** Answers will be in the next worksheet of this level ***


Match Synonyms

Match Antonyms

1 unremitting A knifelike 1: 1 incisive A dull 1:
2 indignant B plague 2: 2 copious B outsider 2:
3 bemused C gratis 3: 3 clique C needed 3:
4 equivocate D palter 4: 4 gratuitous D little 4:
5 incisive E unceasing 5: 5 increment E decrement 5:
6 delude F confounded 6: 6 affable F stingy 6:
7 equine G equid 7: 7 benevolent G cold 7:
8 blight H umbrageous 8: 8 bemused H fauna 8:
9 gratuitous I deceive 9: 9 flora I relaxed 9:


Match Definitions

1 a living organism lacking the power of locomotion A eccentric 1:
2 estimate the value of B benign 2:
3 pleasant and beneficial in nature or influence C indignant 3:
4 a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction D abash 4:
5 cause to be embarrassed; cause to feel self-conscious E extrapolate 5:
6 conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual F accolade 6:
7 place side by side G flora 7:
8 unrestrained by convention or morality H juxtapose 8:
9 angered at something unjust or wrong I degenerate 9:


Crossword Challenge
1 2 Across:
1: make inconspicuous(6)
4: strong and sharp(5)
6: brief and to the point; effectively cut short(5)
8: make less severe or harsh(8)

2: excessively agitated; transported with rage or other violent emotion(8)
3: severe and unremitting in making demands(8)
5: resembling a horse(6)
7: an act or expression of criticism and censure(6)
9: devoid of intelligence(5)
3 4
5 6
8 9


Recent Words Learned: benevolent, permeate, fecund, curtail, equine, unremitting, indignant, apotheosis, steadfast, efface, rebuke, mitigate, equivocate, gratuitous, juxtapose, sacrilege, clique, extrapolate, transitory, criterion

Answer to Synonyms Matching in worksheet 16: 1:B 2:C 3:E 4:D 5:A
Answer to Antonyms Matching in worksheet 16: 1:E 2:C 3:D 4:B 5:A
Answer to Definitions Matching in worksheet 16: 1:C 2:E 3:A 4:B 5:D
Answer to Crossword in worksheet 16: Across: 1: permeate, 5: profess, 7: rebuke, 8: portent Down: 1: penitent, 2: efface, 3: accolade, 4: abash, 6: terse


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