Wednesday, June 9, 2021

SAT, ACT, GRE Vocabulary - Worksheet #20


Review of some of the past words
Word Meaning
flora (n) 1: all the plant life in a particular region or period; 2: a living organism lacking the power of locomotion
hiatus (n) 1: an interruption in the intensity or amount of something 2: a missing piece (as a gap in a manuscript) 3: a natural opening or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure
inane (adj) 1: devoid of intelligence;
nostalgia (n) 1: longing for something past
allocate (v) 1: distribute according to a plan or set apart for a special purpose;
myopia (n) 1: (ophthalmology) eyesight abnormality resulting from the eye's faulty refractive ability; distant objects appear blurred
sanguine (n) 1: a blood-red color, (adj) 1: confidently optimistic and cheerful 2: inclined to a healthy reddish color often associated with outdoor life;
delude (v) 1: be false to; be dishonest with
guile (n) 1: shrewdness as demonstrated by being skilled in deception 2: the quality of being crafty 3: the use of tricks to deceive someone (usually to extract money from them)
gratuitous (adj) 1: without cause;
exacting (adj) 1: having complicated nutritional requirements; especially growing only in special artificial cultures;
ironic (adj) 1: humorously sarcastic or mocking;
mitigate (v) 1: lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of;
preeminent (adj) 1: greatest in importance or degree or significance or achievement;
extrapolate (v) 1: gain knowledge of (an area not known or experienced) by extrapolating;
sacrilege (n) 1: blasphemous behavior; the act of depriving something of its sacred character;
apotheosis (n) 1: model of excellence or perfection of a kind; one having no equal; 2: the elevation of a person (as to the status of a god)
transitory (adj) 1: lasting a very short time;
efface (v) 1: remove completely from recognition or memory;
equine (n) 1: hoofed mammals having slender legs and a flat coat with a narrow mane along the back of the neck, (adj) 1: resembling a horse 2: of or belonging to the family Equidae
misappropriate (v) 1: appropriate (as property entrusted to one's care) fraudulently to one's own use;
permeate (v) 1: spread or diffuse through;
verisimilitude (n) 1: the appearance of truth; the quality of seeming to be true


Today's Vocabulary Challenges

*** Answers will be in the next worksheet of this level ***


Match Synonyms

Match Antonyms

1 apotheosis A profanation 1: 1 illicit A malignant 1:
2 repercussion B florid 2: 2 copious B stingy 2:
3 allocate C respite 3: 3 myopia C outsider 3:
4 mitigate D gratis 4: 4 incisive D needed 4:
5 hiatus E ideal 5: 5 clique E hyperopia 5:
6 sanguine F backlash 6: 6 benevolent F licit 6:
7 sacrilege G palliate 7: 7 benign G decrement 7:
8 misappropriate H apportion 8: 8 gratuitous H dull 8:
9 gratuitous I embezzle 9: 9 increment I little 9:


Match Definitions

1 angered at something unjust or wrong A permeate 1:
2 a person who travels by foot B monarchy 2:
3 the pursuit of pleasure as a matter of ethical principle C pedestrian 3:
4 an autocracy governed by a monarch who usually inherits the authority D eccentric 4:
5 (usually followed by `to') unwilling or refusing to pay heed E indignant 5:
6 all the plant life in a particular region or period F flora 6:
7 a person with an unusual or odd personality G hedonism 7:
8 remove by or as if by rubbing or erasing H indifferent 8:
9 pass through I efface 9:


Crossword Challenge
1 2 Across:
1: a missing piece (as a gap in a manuscript)(6)
3: all the plant life in a particular region or period(5)
4: make children(5)
7: a sign of something about to happen(7)
8: an act or expression of criticism and censure(6)

2: tending to promote physical well-being; beneficial to health(8)
5: resembling a horse(6)
6: be false to; be dishonest with(6)
7: examine or consider with attention and in detail(6)
4 5


Recent Words Learned: hedonism, guile, sanguine, peruse, misappropriate, salutary, hiatus, indifferent, myopia, ironic, allocate, benevolent, permeate, fecund, curtail, equine, unremitting, indignant, apotheosis, steadfast

Answer to Synonyms Matching in worksheet 19: 1:C 2:B 3:E 4:D 5:A
Answer to Antonyms Matching in worksheet 19: 1:E 2:A 3:C 4:D 5:B
Answer to Definitions Matching in worksheet 19: 1:C 2:E 3:0 4:A 5:B
Answer to Crossword in worksheet 19: Across: 2: peruse, 4: mitigate, 6: portent Down: 1: permeate, 3: exacting, 5: ironic, 7: terse


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